Performance Course in London

On Sunday 21 May, about 50 students from different clubs attended the Shotokan Connect Performance course in Shooters Hill, taught by Sensei Robin Dale and Sensei Jamie Sims. We had a mix of abilities in attendance including multiple Shotokan Connect instructors, competitors, some new starters and everyone in between. All students wore blue and red… Continue reading Performance Course in London

Instructors Retreat – 2023

The first Shotokan Connect Instructors Retreat was held this year at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.  The retreat was designed with the association’s values in mind.  The weekend was all about the sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences for the benefit of all in a safe, exciting and progressive environment.  It really was a place to… Continue reading Instructors Retreat – 2023

Our practice competition – a great success

On Saturday 4th March, we hosted our inaugural Shotokan Connect practice competition in Woking. The event was aimed at giving those that were new to, inexperienced, or just wanting to get in a bit of extra practice, the opportunity – in a friendly, non-pressurised environment. Karateka from various clubs, ranging from beginners to advanced levels,… Continue reading Our practice competition – a great success

Do you run a Shotokan Karate club?

If you do, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of being part of an association, like Shotokan Connect. Some of the main benefits include: Recognition: your club can gain enhanced recognition as a legitimate and reputable organisation. This can help attract new members and build a positive reputation in your local community Standards: associations… Continue reading Do you run a Shotokan Karate club?

All Grades – Reading

All Grades – Reading (10.12.2022)

Club 5: Wantage & Vale SKC

Hello all. It’s been a while – my last blog was back in April! The good news is, after more rest and physio…I am now easing myself slowly back into training! Back in my dogi…back in the dojo…where I feel most at home.

All Grades – Sevenoaks

All Grades – Sevenoaks (03.09.2022)

Congratulations to Sensei Ivan Birch & Ian Willis

Shotokan Connect is proud to announce the promotion of Sensei Ivan Birch and Ian Willis to 7th Dan. Please join us in celebrating their well-deserved achievement of Shichidan. This prestigious Dan grade was awarded by the Executive and QA Committees of Shotokan Connect and marks a major step forward in the growth and confidence of… Continue reading Congratulations to Sensei Ivan Birch & Ian Willis

Club 4: Egham SKC

After a couple of weeks of traveling, I decided to keep my next trip local – and where better, than the magnificent Egham SKC, one of my local clubs where I am lucky to regularly train with Sensei Blyth Baker, Dave Austin, David Hurst, Chris Betts and Jess Baker.

Club 3: Senshi Karate

No sooner had I returned home from Eastbourne, I was busy planning my next trip. This time to visit Senshi Karate in Charlton. As our most recently-qualified Kyu grade examiner, I was excited to see Sensei Frank Jennings, alongside Sensei John Parnell undertake the club’s largest ever grading of 50 students.