Inclusivity and Diversity Policy

Reviewed / Reissued: 1st January 2023

Shotokan Connect is an actively inclusive organisation which encourages the participation of a diverse range of individuals from all sections of the community. People who wish to train and learn with us are warmly welcomed, whatever their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, sexual or gender identity, physical or mental health, social or family background, religion, language or age (subject only to minimum age limits for younger children set by individual clubs.) Both new beginners and experienced karate practitioners are welcome.


In line with this, all club instructors are committed to ensuring that: 


  • New members are recruited and welcomed from all sections of the community. 
  • All members can take part and develop their karate skills in line with their abilities and effort. 
  • Classes are conducted in a respectful and positive manner, and seek to include and encourage all students, recognising differences in learning styles, physical ability, language and other factors. 
  • Communication both within classes and externally (e.g., club websites, social media bulletins etc.) are as transparent and inclusive as possible. 
  • All instructors and other club representatives are alert to behaviours which can lead to students being or feeling excluded or marginalised, including those which may arise from biases (either conscious or unconscious). 
  • There is recognition of the barriers to participation in karate which some individuals and groups may encounter, and a willingness to work with students to overcome these. 
  • Bullying, or abuse of any kind, is not tolerated, and swift action will be taken to deal with any instances which may occur. (See Safeguarding Policy) 


Further guidance about the inclusion of students from groups which are frequently underrepresented in sport, can be found on the EKF website: 



Further, detailed guidance for instructors about students with specific disabilities can be found on the following link: