Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our Mission: to foster and promote the art of Shotokan Karate at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation, learning, development and competition.

We are passionate about Shotokan Karate

We are long time students of Shotokan Karate with decades of experience of teaching, training, and competing. In collaboration with our partners we are committed to the continuous development of all our members through the use of traditional and modern teaching, learning and training techniques, while staying true to the values of our Shotokan roots. We will provide safe and positive engagement whether you are training for fun, embarking on your own karate journey, or are a seasoned practitioner or competitor.

We are dedicated to building a better future

Through our karate we aim to have a positive impact the lives of our members, building confidence and developing skills that can be beneficial to their careers and everyday lives. We will develop a safe and progressive environment in which to train, compete and grow.

We care about our community and our community’s health

We foster a community spirit in our karate. We cater for all ages and all abilities, and recognise that we all have limitations that impact on our training and performance. We believe that regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on both our physical and mental health, and that our karate is a perfect means to provide these benefits. No matter what your age or level of fitness karate can be a powerful tool to help you get more out of life.

Our Core Values are:





Shotokan Connect will:

  • develop our karateka of all capabilities at all levels
  • provide a rigorous and fair grading structure
  • be well led, with effective and transparent governance
  • listen and respond appropriately
  • work with agility and focus

We are connected

We are an actively inclusive organisation which encourages the participation of a diverse range of individuals from all sections of the community, building an open and honest karate community. By bringing people together through our karate we aim to remove barriers and create an environment that is respectful to all and equal for all.

We are Shotokan Connect