Do you run a Shotokan Karate club?

If you do, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of being part of an association, like Shotokan Connect.


Some of the main benefits include:

  • Recognition: your club can gain enhanced recognition as a legitimate and reputable organisation. This can help attract new members and build a positive reputation in your local community

  • Standards: associations like Shotokan Connect have established standards and guidelines for training, competition, and certification. This helps ensure that your club is providing a high-quality, safe, and fair experience for your members

  • Support: most associations offer support and resources to their affiliated clubs, such as training and coaching events, competition opportunities, and insurance coverage

  • Networking: by joining an association you will gain opportunities for your club instructors and members to connect with those from other clubs

  • Representation: organisations like Shotokan Connect can act as a representative body for your club members, promoting Shotokan karate and working with other organisations to develop and grow our martial art

  • Competition: if your club members are interested in attending competitions, associations organise entry to different competitions and tournaments, and often organise their own

Joining an association can provide your club with the resources, support and recognition needed to thrive and grow.


Shotokan Connect is one of the newest associations, bringing with it inclusivity, fresh ideas and a flexible approach to karate development. We are run by a group of experienced and dedicated practitioners of Shotokan Karate, many with senior grades and decades of training, teaching, competing and working for other established associations, so you can rest-assured you’re in good hands. We have the expertise, passion and knowledge needed to help your club thrive and grow, and perhaps most importantly, help you and your members enjoy the Shotokan journey.

If you want to find out more about how Shotokan Connect could help your club, please contact us here.