Appointment and Review of Dan Grading Examiners

Last Updated: 1st January 2022



All Shotokan Connect karateka who are 5th dan or above will have the opportunity to become a dan grading examiner.


In order to be eligible to enter the mentorship process to become a grading examiner, the karateka must:


be a member of Shotokan Connect


be graded to 5th dan or above with Shotokan Connect


be recorded as a Shotokan Connect kyu grading examiner


be a qualified karate instructor with Shotokan Connect


have a current (last 12 months) satisfactory enhanced DBS certificate


have no outstanding disciplinary or safeguarding matters under investigation by Shotokan Connect or any other organisation


Those karateka who meet the criteria listed in section 2. above, may contact the Quality Assurance Committee in order to apply to enter the kyu grading examiner mentorship process.


When considering an application to become a Shotokan Connect dan grading examiner the Quality Assurance Committee will consider:


karate and grading experience


attendance at Shotokan Connect events


instructor, assessor, timekeeper, judge and referee qualifications


other contributions to the organisation and running of Shotokan Connect


Once their application has been accepted, the process will be as follows:


the candidate will attend a Shotokan Connect dan grading at the invitation of the Quality Assurance Committee, where they will call the names of, and give instructions to, those being graded 


immediately following the grading the panel of grading examiners who have officiated at that grading will discuss with the candidate the process of the grading and the standard of those who graded in relation to the stated criteria 


the panel will then make a decision as to how many further dan gradings the candidate must attend as part of the mentorship process in order to develop and establish their competence 


the candidate must then attend, and call the names of, and give instructions to, those being graded, at the number of dan gradings established in 5.3. 


at the last of the dan gradings established in 5.3., the panel of grading examiners who have officiated at that grading will make a judgement as to the competence of the candidate 


if the applicant is determined as being competent, their application will be returned to the Quality Assurance Committee who will recommend their appointment as a dan grading examiner to the Steering Committee for ratification 


if the applicant is determined as not being competent, the Quality Assurance Committee will recommend a further period of mentorship, to be followed by a further assessment of competence 


once a recommendation of the Quality Assurance Committee for the appointment of a dan grading examiner has been ratified by the Steering Committee, the applicant will be recorded as being a Shotokan Connect dan grading examiner. 



All Shotokan Connect dan grading examiners will be subject to peer review, and will be required to participate in the peer review of other grading examiners.


In the event of a dan grading examiner being reported to the Quality Assurance Committee as not being competent, or not complying with Shotokan Connect policies or procedures, the Quality Assurance Committee, will, subject to ratification by the Steering Committee, be responsible for determining, enacting and reviewing an appropriate course of action. That course of action may be, but is not limited to, a further period on mentoring and/or supervision, or removal from the role of Shotokan Connect dan grading examiner.