Shotokan Nation’s first Performance Course – a great success

On Sunday 12th September, Shotokan Nation hosted their first Performance Course in Woking. Sensei’s Robin Dale and Jamie Sims promised a great event, and they did not disappoint.



Here is a selection of photos from the day, and some comments from members who attended:

We kicked off the day with a session dedicated to the Young Nationers, aged between 5 and 9. A fun session focusing on agility, balance and co-ordination – and let’s not forget, making new friends.


Our Young Nationers did us proud. They turned up with plenty of energy, embraced every challenge thrown at them and much to their parent’s disappointment, left with plenty of energy to keep them on their toes for the remainder of the weekend!

Our next session was Kumite Nation, and after one of Sensei Jamie’s famous warm-ups, the class explored the various aspects of karate kumite. Working with partners, students practiced different techniques and drills, whilst receiving individual coaching and feedback from our Performance Coaches, Sensei’s Robin Dale and Jamie Sims.


The passion and enthusiasm applied by every student was incredible. The dojo was full of positive energy – the hum of conversation between students working together, the snapping of karate gi’s – all broken from time-to-time by loud kiai’s.


There were some very tired and sweaty faces by the end of the session, but all with some fresh knowledge and tricks up their sleeve for future application.

Last but by no means least, was Kata Nation – a session concentrating on the technical aspects of kata performance. Once again working in partners, students worked together on improving their stance transitions and testing each other’s form as they progressed through their chosen katas.


The final challenge was to work together in small groups for team kata. Each group was given 20 minutes to work on a kata of their choice, and to demonstrate this to the rest of the class at the end.

What a challenge! After 20 minutes, I think it is fair to say the performances were not quite Olympic standard, however there were some fantastic kata displays which were enjoyed by everyone in the dojo. If you don’t believe us, subscribe to our YouTube channel – videos coming soon!!

Shotokan Nation would like to thank the Performance Coaches, Sensei Robin Dale and Sensei Jamie Sims, and all the Shotokan Nationers who attended the day. This was the first event and we hope you all agree it was a hugely successful and enjoyable day. We cannot wait for future events – the future is bright, the future is Shotokan Nation.

Picture of John Deehan

John Deehan