Valerie Dale

I started karate 30 years ago and as a Global HR Director my job has always involved traveling so I’m  lucky to have trained under some exceptional senseis including Sensei Enoeda in Marshall Street, other Japanese sensei at Crystal Palace, the KUGB’s Red Triangle in Liverpool and other KUGB instructors and instructors from other associations.


Despite two anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction operations and three children I still managed to successfully compete and be placed in many kata and kumite championships.  My husband Robin and I have taught and coached many of our students to achieve their dan grades and successfully compete, including our son and daughter who are kata and kumite champions at regional and national level and were both selected for the KUGB England Squad, and I am now a qualified referee.


Robin and I have hosted and organised two European Shotokan Karate Association Championships in K2 Crawley 2008 and 2015 with over 200 competitors across 20 European countries.