Robin Dale

I first started karate 47 years ago and together with my wife Valerie I now run the dojo in Tilgate Forest, Crawley having taken it over from my sensei, and also a club at Lingfield College Prep.


I am proud to be the only original student still training, kept the club going for all of this time and of the club’s success over the years.  We have produced many students that have achieved their dan grades up to 5th dan and some have gone on to open their own clubs. 


I have competed at Regional and National level and hosted two European Shotokan Karate Association Championships, but my real passion is training and learning from other Instructors.  I have trained for many years with Sensei Enoeda and other great Japanese sensei at Crystal Palace, as well as training with all of the KUGB senior instructors.


Having had a career in building and renovation for over 35 years and a mechanical engineering background before, I am now semi-retired.