John Parnell

My passion for Shotokan began when I joined Heywood KUGB club in 1980 at the age of 10. Under the rigorous coaching style of the instructor Charlie Gidley, as I grew into a teenager, my personal brand of karate flourished.

I achieved 1st dan in 1983 alongside a series of junior tournament successes, culminating as KUGB National Junior Kata Champion in 1986. Training continued and I proudly gained my 3rd, 4th, 5th and eventually 6th dan in 2016 with the KUGB.

  • Trained for 5 years with John Mullin & Richard Amos (WTKO) in the USA
  • Set up Basingstoke Shotokan karate club with David Graham
  • Qualified as a competition judge and experienced instructor
  • Two wonderful children, Jack and Hannah, both working up the kyu grades

Being an independent in karate terms over the years I have striven to connect with other like-minded karateka internationally and have been instrumental in organising karate seminars, training camps, and most recently setting up Shotokan Nation.