Jamie Simms

As a young boy, I was extremely sporty and competitive, which I suppose was expected considering I grew up with 3 brothers! Taking part in numerous sport clubs, I joined the Egham Karate Club at 7, training under Dave Austin. Although at first, I was more inclined to cause mischief with my brother, I soon came into my own and started rising through the grades, passing my 1st dan at the age of 13 and most recently achieving my 4th dan in 2019.

At 16, I was invited to teach at the Woking Karate Club, after already gaining teaching experience at the Egham Karate Club. At the age of 18, the club rebranded as the Rising Sun Karate Academy, with myself as the chief instructor.

I’ve had a successful career competing. Under the watchful eye of Frank Brennan, I was a member of the KUGB England squad since the age of 14.

As a professional karate instructor, I’ve travelled to various countries, experiencing different methods of training and extending my understanding of traditional and sport karate.