Georges Dussart

Having first started karate training under Sensei Terry O’Neill in 1969 at the University of Salford, I also joined the Rochdale Karate Club under Sensei Mike Toze. When I moved to work in Carlisle in 1975, I started the Haltwhistle Karate Club and when I moved to Canterbury in 1980, I started the Canterbury Christ Church University Karate Club where we had regular gradings from Charles Naylor, Bob Poynton and Y. Ohta.


In my role as a Professor in Canterbury, I travelled widely abroad, taking the chance to train in a variety of countries from Sweden to Zimbabwe. I was awarded a 5th Dan by the KUGB in 2010 and I cherish the experiences I had with that organisation for over fifty years. While working as an academic, I taught teachers how to teach. Now, I am particularly interested in the processes by which karate is taught.