Blyth Baker

My Karate journey started at the age of 10 and I have enjoyed extensive years of training, competing and teaching.  Sensei Enoeda was an inspiration throughout my Kyu gradings as I followed his teaching and achieved my 1st Dan in 1991 under his prestigious rule.


Karate is an integral part of my life and one of continual self-improvement.  I have learnt over the years there is so much more to the journey than the usual benefits of martial arts as we evolve and strengthen our mental and physical abilities to manage and harmonise our approach in life. 


Seeing the development of my family and students with their Karate provides a true inspiration.  Sharing my expertise and experience in the pursuit of their success is fundamental, whether they are training for fitness, sport or applied karate.  There is only one constant in life and that is yourself, so if you seek fulfilment then you must aspire and achieve.  “Do or do not.  There is no try” (Yoda, 1980).