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Who are we?

We are

We are a group of dedicated practitioners of Shotokan Karate, many with senior grades and decades of experience of training, competing and teaching karate. We are an inclusive organisation that will not only support our karate development, but by working with and never against other associations and karateka, facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of others. We are building a safe, exciting and progressive place to train and compete, develop life skills, and grow as a group and as individuals. We will train, learn and develop together with our members and with the wider karate community.

Our Values





Shotokan Connect will:

  • develop our karateka of all capabilities at all levels
  • provide a rigorous and fair grading structure
  • be well led, with effective and transparent governance
  • listen and respond appropriately
  • work with agility and focus

We have changed our name!

We have changed our name. As from the 1st of January 2022 we will be Shotokan Connect.


During the last few months we have been subject to a challenge regarding the ownership of our name. Between registering Shotokan Nation Ltd with Companies House in late May 2021, and applying for a trade mark for Shotokan Nation in early June 2021, another trade mark application was made which included the words ‘Shotokan’ and ‘Nation’. We have tried to resolve the matter amicably, and have proposed a coexistence agreement, but without success. In alignment with our values of honour, honesty, respect and inclusion, we have no wish to be engaged in a dispute with other karateka or organisations. We are therefore changing our name. The events of the last few months have given us the opportunity to reflect and explore new names, and while we were very happy with Shotokan Nation, we now believe that Shotokan Connect more fully captures our vision.


Welcome to Shotokan Connect.